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Whether it’s for a large club or just you and your friends, BirdClub provides you with a space to connect, share records and publish photos - all for free.

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Bird clubs made simple.

Everything you need is in one place: members, records, photos, and more.

Create your own club and invite whoever you want to join. Setting up and joining a club is absolutely free.

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We want birding to thrive.

By making it as easy as possible to run an online community of local birdwatchers.


A free website for your club.

By creating a club, you get your own customizable website. You can upload a logo, choose your club colours and add your favourite birding spots.

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Build a community.

Members of your club can like, comment and interact with one another via your club’s website. BirdClub is a social network for groups of birders, whether large or small.

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No more mailing lists.

Share and enjoy each other’s photos via our photo gallery. Photos are classified by species to make it easier to find the photo you’re looking for.

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Keep me in the loop.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Still not convinced? Try reading over our frequently asked questions or reach out to us directly to learn more.

    • Why is BirdClub free?

      We are a non-profit organization driven by our purpose. We believe that bird clubs play an important role in birders’ lives and local conservation. We want to help them thrive by providing them and their members with free access to our site.

    • How is BirdClub financed?

      We rely on donations from our founders. In the future we will also allow clubs and individuals to make voluntary donations to BirdClub to help cover the cost of managing our site.

    • Can anyone create a club?

      Yes. And not every club needs a president, secretary or treasurer! Some of our most active clubs are simply groups of friends who share a passion for birdwatching.

    • Why can’t I find my local club?

      Clubs are invite-only, your club admin will need to send you an invite to join. Alternatively, your club might not have been created - just share this link with your club admin!

    • Can anyone see my club page?

      No. Clubs are invite-only; only the people you ask to join can access your site.

    • Is BirdClub only for UK birders?

      BirdClub was born in the UK, but we support international bird groups via the IOC World Bird List. If you’d like us to add a specific bird list for your country, just let us know!

    • Will you be releasing new features?

      Yes! We’re constantly working on new features to make running bird clubs as easy as possible. Future features will include a mobile app, online events for clubs and the ability to add trip lists.

    • Did I see you at Global BirdFair?

      Yes! We were proud to officially launch BirdClub at the 2022 Global BirdFair and enjoyed speaking with hundreds of birders about how to take their bird club online.